Royal Movers has been offering customers reliable moving services for a long time. We’ve perfected the process of moving interstate from start to finish. We know precisely what customers need to have a stress-free moving experience. We look to provide every customer with what they need to facilitate a successful move. This includes building a customized moving plan and customizable solutions catering to your needs and schedule.

We want to ensure our estimate is fair and accurate for long-distance moving. Please contact us to schedule a free in-home estimate.​

Our service includes:

  • Professional, uniformed movers.
  • The right size truck. (Fully equipped)
  • Protecting your doors, floors, stairs, and handrails.
  • Protecting your furniture with quilted moving blankets.
  • Disassembling and reassembling furniture.
  • Hand truck, dollies, and all tools required.

Reliable Interstate Moving Services

It doesn’t matter if you are moving to the neighboring state or if you are moving to one that’s across the country. You can get the expert help you need from our experienced interstate movers. You will get your goods transported to your destination with minimal hassle.

What’s A Long Distance Move?

When you are moving long distances, it’s a very different process than someone that is moving a short distance. For example, an interstate move involves taking your belongings a long distance and across state lines. Along with this, a cross-country move is typically referred to as a long-distance move.

Regardless of how far you are moving, every move that has you transporting your belongings through different states requires you to adhere to federal laws and regulations. This includes having the right insurance. This is all to offer you the protection you need to protect you not only during but also after your move.

You need to identify a reputable moving company that can help. You want to learn how to pinpoint a good and reputable long-distance moving company from one that needs to be qualified. Unfortunately, many rogue movers will only look to overcharge you and hold your precious belongings hostage for payment.

The Cost Of Hiring A Long-Distance Mover

You can count on getting the most competitive rates when you hire Royal Movers. We will deliver you personalized moving quotes that factor into your specific situation. In addition, we calculate the total weight you are moving, how far you need things moved, and even what services you require. All of this is factored together to determine the total moving cost. 

You should be aware that all long-distance moves are different. Because of this, we need to get all the information about the move before handing out an accurate quote. We want to ensure our estimate is fair and accurate for long-distance moving. Please call to schedule a free in-home estimate.​